Percussion Theory Drum Corps School of Drumming

The Fun Way To Learn

Drum Corps group classes are $90 a month for 2 group classes a month. Each class is an hour long and are offered on Mondays or Wednesdays for all skill levels. See our schedule for dates and times.

Private lessons are $25 for each 30 minute lesson. Drum Set Lessons are available through private lessons only. Call 407-388-8788 for more information or to schedule a free introductory half hour lesson. No contracts to sign and no registration fees.



At PT Drum Corps, we are excited to bring the study of percussion to the lovely city of Orlando, Florida at Waterford Lakes. We are a non competitive drum corps, where the focus is on learning at our individual pace and to explore our passion for playing. We do not compete in competitions and do not hold a rigid practice and performance schedule. PT Drum Corps was designed to provide a vehicle for those who rather learn to play percussion outside of the normal regiments found in high school marching band programs. We want our percussionists to try new instruments and grow at their individual pace. Those who are in middle school band, will find this program beneficial in getting them prepared for high school level of playing. If you play another instrument in band and can read music, why not explore the world of percussion.

Group Lessons open to all students in middle school, high school and adults

If you are a beginner, we focus your lessons and practices from the ground up focusing on proper hand technique and playing posture. We will introduce reading music, work on your timing on a variety of marching drums and percussion instruments.

If you are already familiar with reading music, We will focus on playing more challenging cadences and marching percussion instruments. PTDC is a great opportunity to have current high school marching band members the opportunity to build skills on different marching drums they are not currently assigned to.


If you want to be a part of a great environment to grow, learn and share with other percussionists, this is the placeĀ for you. Every member is an important part of the Drum Corps. We practice and play for the love of drumming.