About the Instructor

Rolando “Ro” Lopez

I have been playing the drums since I was 12 years old. I participated in middle school and high school band, and enrolled in everything percussion to include Symphonic, Jazz and Marching. I am currently a percussionist for the Impact Drum and Bugle Corps. When they say music will always be a part of your life, I most certainly agree. I played in many bands during my younger years after high school, and always kept drumming a part of me as I continued my education in IT as a software developer and eventually into my current career as a computer engineer. But no matter what life has thrown my way, I have always found myself reaching for my drumsticks and finding peace in playing the drums.

I have always felt that drumming is a great way to express yourself musically and a great way for everyone to be introduced to music. As my son and daughter have both followed me in their own musical journey, I have found myself rejuvenated in bringing music to the forefront in my life again. We have a room dedicated to making music in our home, and I’m always teaching them many of the lessons I have learned through my musical endeavors. I started PT Drum Corps to bring music to as many students willing to learn what it means to have a passion for playing. So that they too can have an avenue to express their creativity and passion for music. Thanks for visiting my site.