Private Lessons

I’m available for private lessons on a limited schedule during the week and weekends. Private Lessons are great for those students who are more comfortable with a one on one instruction. Both drumming fundamentals, marching drums and drum set instructions are available. Drum Set instructions are available off site at the Drummer’s Den located in the Waterford subdivision.

The drummer’s den is equipped with two drum kits and can accommodate up to two percussionists. This is great for group practices at a reduce rate. If you are interested, I can work with scheduling on a case by case basis. As always, no contracts to sign and only $25 for a 30 minute lesson. For more information or call 407-388-8788

Instructor Rates

Private Lessons

$25 a lesson.

For those who rather learn at their own pace.

Lesson schedule times are flexible

Please call 407-388-8788 for more information