About PTDC

Percussion Theory Drum Corps School of Drumming

The Fun Way To Learn

Drum Corps group classes are $90 a month for 2 group classes a month. Each class is an hour long and are offered on Mondays or Wednesdays for all skill levels. See our schedule for dates and times.

Private lessons are $25 for each 30 minute lesson. Drum Set Lessons are available through private lessons only. Call 407-388-8788 for more information or to schedule a free introductory half hour lesson. No contracts to sign and no registration fees


Located right off of Alafaya and Curry Ford, PT Drum Corps is housed within the same business community as Classic Rock School of Music and Progressive Insurance at 448 South Alafaya Trail (Room 108) Orlando, Florida 32828. We keep all of our equipment at the location and we practice outside under a covered patio, outdoors and inside during inclement weather.

When learning to play an instrument, the hardest job is to practice. Practice can be a struggle for some, when practicing alone takes a bit of the fun away. Everyday we meet at PTDC, we build a solid foundation in learning, through self expression, strengthening dexterity, and teamwork. We are all learners, as well as teachers, as we share ideas and collaborate on our drum cadences and grooves.

What We Teach

No one should feel like they do not possess the ability to play. If you have the passion, you can grow as a percussionists. PT Drum Corps offers an atmosphere for like minded percussionists at all skill levels to be able to play alongside each other. We cover the basics, and apply rudiments as our core foundation of learning as we progress.  We strive to bring each learner to play out of a passion of playing.We foster teamwork and encouragement for each other, and present cadences and grooves that builds on the excitement of playing as an ensemble.

If you are interested in learning drum set. Drum Set lessons are available by private lessons only. These lesson are held in a home studio within the Waterford Lakes subdivision.

PTDC Group Classes

Members are broken into groups based on current skill. Beginning and Intermediate groups are tailored by skill level for those who are in middle or high school. Adult classes are for any adults who would like to explore percussion for the first time or build upon their existing skill set.

Players Age

Normally middle school is when many young kids first learn to play percussion. Learning percussion can be taught even at a younger age. A general starting age in my teaching experience has been about 8 years old. However, it may be more effective to focus more on rhythms, timing, and fundamental technique at a younger age. Private lessons may be better suited for the younger drummer.

When We Practice

Every student should have a pair of sticks, a music stand, practice pad and snare stand with them at practice. Not only will these items be useful in class, but crucial for learning at home as well. As the student’s knowledge matures we will head outside to our practice area along with our percussion instruments. All percussion instruments including mallets/sticks are provided by PT Drum Corps.